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Knowing the natural cycles that make life on earth possible,
knowledgeable about environmental issues,
aware of the effects of their choices on nature,
students and teachers who are ready to lead a harmonious life
You can contribute to its upbringing.

Reasons for starting the project:

- Causes of the climate crisis
industrial production and consumption
having relationships.
- Rapid desertification of arable land.
- Communities have their own balcony, small
need in their gardens or pots
the production of some of the food they hear.
- Most of the organic waste
thrown away, in fact, these organic wastes
that the soil can be enriched by transforming it.
- Healthier in enriched soil
and more efficient food production
as possible.

Objectives of the project:

School communities' restorative agriculture 
by applying  nutritive food and their waste 
We aim to support the sustainability goals of schools by contributing to their transformation.

Target audience of the project:

19 schools in Beykoz district, 38 
teacher to 722 students directly  and with the school community to 12000 families 
aimed to be achieved.



to repair and
organic waste
into compost
to bring.


healthy food
to produce.


of what has been done
the spread of
to ensure.

Project outputs and success criteria:

At the beginning of the project, the consumption and production habits of the students,
of industrial production and consumption in our world.
problems caused by food production, waste recycling, climate
preliminaries on concepts such as crisis, ecology and sustainability.
awareness that develops in the process by applying test and post-test.
will be measured. Also, throughout the study, students
by keeping project diaries and monitoring student experiences
gains will be determined.

Operation of the Project:

The project was carried out with the Beykoz District Directorate of National Education.
within the framework of the protocol, in 19 public schools within the borders of the district.
will be applied. 2 teachers from each school
land and land for 38 teachers and 722 students in total.
gardening using natural methods and
Compost training will be provided.
On different days with 2 teachers and 38 students from each school
Application studies in Beykoz Ecopark, including
will be done.

Schools that have completed their education are Permatürk Foundation trainers,
raised together with school teachers and students
building vegetable beds and planting seeds and seedlings
will carry out the activity. School at the end of the process
information to the entire community and
awareness raising will be initiated.

You too can be a Honey Bird on Teacher's Day.

With your donations, you can support our "Beykoz Schools Meeting with Nature" project, which is aimed to reach 38 teachers and 722 students directly and 12.000 families with the school community. 

In return for the donation you make to the Permatürk Foundation on behalf of your teacher, the Honey Bird certificate will be sent to the donors and people who donated on their behalf. Put your heart in it, be a part of it, take action!

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