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Permakültür Bahçeleri


Returning to a sustainable life in harmony is a process, it will take time,

but starting with small steps, effort required. 

The first step should be information and awareness. For this reason, Permatürk Foundation

primarily aims to look at life holistically to all children, young people, adults from all education

levels, professions and ages, starting from pre-school, the functioning of

nature,man's place in natureaims to show its effects, systems operating at different scales

and the relationships between them, a return to sustainable life in harmony with nature,

and demonstrating through its practices. 

because protecting the future and living in harmony with nature, self-sufficient,

sharing, creative, touching the earth a generationis the priority of the Permatürk Foundation. 

With this in mind, Permatürk Foundation has managed to reach 2500 people by organizing 18 trainings, events and workshops in a short time since its establishment, both face-to-face and online.

Face to Face and Workshops

Permatürk Foundation, which gives its participants the opportunity to learn face-to-face and by doing, experience permaculture practices in the foundation application garden in Beykoz, agroecological farming methods, balcony and terrace gardening practices, compost, worm and bokashi fertilizer production, carbon storage in plants and soil, creation of food forest, etc. continues to offer training and workshops.

Online Learning

Due to the Covid Pandemic, the importance and urgency of distance education has increased. Although it does not replace face-to-face education, it is now possible to provide more effective and quality distance education with today's "educational technologies". Distance education technology has created a great opportunity for the Permatürk Foundation, which aims to raise awareness about how it is possible to return to a sustainable life inspired by nature, and to share with as many people that there are still many methods and hopes for the healing of the Earth and nature.

With the implementation of the Online Education Portal, Permatürk Foundation is proud to be able to reach students, teachers, farmers and anyone who is looking for a solution for returning to a sustainable life while providing face-to-face education.

Permaturk Foundation

In Harmony With Nature

Introduction to Sustainable Living Online Training

DAISY training explains the main problems that manifest themselves in the last century, such as exponential increases due to human activities, climate change, food crisis, environmental pollution and decreasing biodiversity. It describes viable individual and societal solutions such as reducing the ecological footprint, circular economy, permaculture, horticulture, agroecological production, storing carbon in plants and soil.

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Permaturk Foundation

Let's Build Your Garden Together This Spring

We see gardening as the most important first step towards sustainable living that will deliver multiple benefits. We can produce our own natural food and healing on the balcony, on the terrace, in any area with soil; We can recycle our organic waste.

In this training, we explain how we can keep the soil rich with completely natural methods, how we can establish fertile gardens, and how we can protect our plants against pests/diseases with natural methods, without using any harmful chemicals or fertilizers.

Image by Zoe Schaeffer
Permaculture Gardening Education
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