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Since the Industrial Revolution, because human activities use fossil fuels as the primary energy source, we are rapidly consuming our reduced natural resources.
Natural balance and cycles are disrupted, and biodiversity is in danger.
Science declares that global temperature increase should be kept below 2 degrees to preserve a habitable world for future generations and keep climate change in control.
We focus on solutions rather than the problems and work together. 
We are acknowledging our accountability with the story of the hummingbird,
one of the symbols of our foundation:

One day a fire breaks out in the forest.


As the animals rush out of the forest, the little hummingbird* flies over to the stream, takes a few drops of water, and leaves on the fire.


Other animals noticing this, ask, "What do you think you are doing? What is it good for?" The hummingbird says, "I am doing my part. If you do yours, maybe then the fire will go out."

  If we can all be "hummingbirds," we can breed hope.

  *Hummingbird has a small, long beak, can draw a few drops of essence and feed on the sap of flowers.


Let us invite you, as our volunteer, to share the mission of the Permaturk Foundation with your community and help us to make a change.

With the promise of returning to life in harmony with nature, we can change our production and consumption habits.

If you want to take part in this joint effort;


 • You can fill out a volunteer application form  


• You can donate  


• You can respond to our open invitations as we develop the project.  


• If you have questions about the volunteer program or have any other suggestions, you can contact us.

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