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Image by Roman Synkevych

Together we design projects with multiple benefits that not only improve nature and people but that ultimately aim to leave a liveable world for generations to come.


The PERMATURK family develops and shares trainings and examples of sustainable life practices in harmony with nature.


We want to create a resilient web with multiple diverse and mutual benefits. This web will be based on Permaculture principles, it will take into account natural resource boundries, consumption needs and human rights. 


Foundation for Transitioning to Sustainable Life in Harmony with Nature 

Permaturk Foundation is an NGO, established in Istanbul Turkey, which aims to demonstrate that, through education, experienced support and hands-on examples based on teachings of nature, it is possible to shift/return to a sustainable way of living.

Although we live in a world with limited natural resources, humankind continues to increase in numbers and deplete these resources. According to scientists, this is not sustainable.  Nature is responding to our actions with changes in natural balances and cycles.  


We are at a crucial juncture.

In order to leave a livable world to future generations, we must urgently take part in and contribute to beneficial projects that will better both nature and human well-being. 

Permaturk foundation aims to increase society’s awareness by explaining natural processes,  the effect people have on nature, our place in nature and nature’s own lessons.


Permaturk Foundation aims at backing and assisting the establishment of self-sustaining living areas and ecological settlements that will demonstrate that a healthier, resilient and enjoyable way of life is possible. Through their involvement, participants will gain knowledge, skills and experience about nature, sustainability and self-sustainability. 


+ Increase the awareness of the masses by explaining natural processes, nature’s own lessons, the effect of humans on nature and our place in nature; Reach local, national and international public opinions and produce solutions;

+ Establish and assist in the establishment of self-sustaining living areas and ecological settlements that are in harmony with the environment;

+ Bring to life projects, in differing scales, related to balconies and terrace gardens in the city, examples and implementations of sustainable living examples in ecological parks, villages and farms and revival projects for large but damaged natural areas,


+ To have people experience the possibility of a healthier, more resilient, prosperous and enjoyable way of life,


+ Increase individual knowledge, skills and experience about nature, sustainability and self-sustainability 


+ To create a network of people that is able to run;  

+ To increase the number of individuals, institutions and organizations participating in these activities,

+ To recommend and support stakeholder projects,

+ To provide and support resilient human society,

+ Working with multiple benefits and zero waste principles...

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