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Our world, which we consume thinking that its resources are unlimited, actually has limits.

Today, access to clean water is getting harder, arable land is decreasing, forests are disappearing, and clean air has started to become polluted. For these reasons, it is no longer sustainable to multiply exponentially, consume resources and pollute nature in our world.

In order to leave a livable, resilient and prosperous world to future generations, we must move to a sustainable life in harmony with nature.

In this training, which is prepared with a scientific perspective and solution suggestions, the obstacles in front of sustainable life in harmony with nature, what the problem we are currently experiencing, the causes of the problem and its solutions are explained. In addition to mass solutions, individual solutions are also included in the training.

Education Name:Introduction to Sustainable Living in Harmony with Nature

Prepared:Permaturk Foundation

Education time:8 hours

Form of Education: Online

(You can complete the training for 1 month on your tablet, computer or smart phone whenever you want)

Certificate of Participation: Permatürk Foundation Certificate of Participation will be given.​

Purpose of Education:

  • About the causes and consequences of the deterioration of the balance of the worldinform,

  • Why it is important to return to a sustainable life in harmony with naturetell,

  • On how it is possible to return to a sustainable life inspired by nature.raise awareness,

  • Communicate with as many people as possible that many methods and hopes still exist for the healing of the Earth and to share.

For whom:

  • All young people from high school age

  • Teachers

  • Those who make plans to return to nature for their future

  • Those who wonder what they can do about these issues in our country and in the world

  • Those who feel that city-oriented modern life distances them from nature

  • Those who are worried about environmental pollution, industrial food, increasing heat

  • ActuallyEVERYONEfor

Education Main Topics:

​“Introduction to Sustainable Living in Harmony with Nature” training is covered under six main sections, and the sixth section is devoted to the introduction of the Permatürk Foundation.

1. What is “Sustainable Living in Harmony with Nature” and why is it important?

2. What is the problem, when and how did it occur?

3. Symptoms of the Problem

  • Exponential Increases

  • Climate Change

  • Food Crisis

  • Social Impacts

  • Environmental pollution

  • Declining Biodiversity

4. The Functioning of the Earth System and Nature

  • Global Operations

  • Soil

  • Complex Adaptive Systems


5. Solutions

  • Awareness and Learning

  • Reducing the Ecological Footprint

  • Bagel Economy

  • permaculture

  • Gardening 

  • Carbon Storage


6. Permaturk Foundation

Full: 400 TL    

Discount: 300 TL (Student, Teacher, Retired)

After you complete the payment process by clicking the link below, an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address containing the necessary information to access the training within 1 business day.


To Pay by Bank Transfer Method;

Bank Name: Türkiye Garanti Bankası A.Ş.

Branch Name: Acarkent Branch

Recipient Name/Title: Permaturk Return to Sustainable Life in Harmony with Nature Foundation Economic Enterprise

IBAN: TR33 0006 2000 6650 0006 2979 22

Please after donating via bankinfo@permaturk.orgPlease contact us at the address, your online education entry document will be sent to you.

will be sent by mail.

Thank you for your care and support.

Institutions that want to present this training to their stakeholders can contact us at



We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the preparation of this training.

Permatürk Foundation Staff

Taner Aksel:Text preparation + Presentation preparation

Nevra Akin Oktay:Feedback + Script writing

Selen Aydinoglu:coordination + Compilation

Emre Barkin Keser:Text preparation + Presentation preparation + Technical support + Translation

Aziz Ayaz:Preparing a presentation

Living Tailors Design Studio

Gizem Çintan:Presentation Visual Design

Permatürk Foundation Team

Asli Umar:Text preparation + Translation + Script writing

Ebru Debbag:Prepare text

Gulcin Akçakaya Esmeli:Prepare Metin 

Sadat Toy:Text preparation + Presentation preparation

Macide Light:Resource Presentation + Feedback

Murat Onuk:Resource Presentation + Feedback

Dilek Yalçın Demiralp:Source Presentation

Sevil Karabulut:Source Presentation

Jennifer Sener:Text preparation + Presentation + Feedback

Permatürk Foundation Volunteers

Defne Aksel:Organizing the support of the Youth Team

Gokcen Bayram:Text preparation + Presentation preparation

Elgin Ekin Province:Text preparation + Presentation preparation

Dilek Tunc:Text preparation + Feedback

Jasmine Plate:Preparing a presentation

Alara Civelek:Presentation preparation + Feedback

Begum Durableoglu:Preparing a presentation

Selin Gunay:Presentation preparation + Feedback

Permatürk Foundation Volunteers

Ebru Done:Presentation preparation + Feedback

Ilknur Kenctemur:Graphics + Translation + Feedback

Melis Tanriverdi:Graphic

Merve Awaad:Translation

Sunay Hamitovali:Voice + Feedback      

Sedef Kapanadze:Feedback

Leyla Kabasakal:Feedback

Duru Barbak:Feedback

Ozgur Akyar:Feedback

Hacer Ozbakir:Editing presentation notes

Melda Kir:Editing presentation notes

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