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2020 has been quite challenging and tiring for all of us.

We want to look at 2021 from a completely different window, where we can revive, renew, look to our future with hope and create common solutions together...


As Permatürk Foundation, we wanted to be an active part of this journey and we are about to turn the new year into a refreshing start for you and your loved ones.Belentepe Permaculture Farm15 hours donated byTo Design and Permaculture with Nature Introduction Online educationWe present it to you.

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You can click on the "Online Donation Form" below to receive the training or gift it to your relatives.

Institutions that want to present this training to their stakeholders can contact us at

Education Name:To Design and Permaculture with Nature Introduction

Instructor:Taner Aksel

Validity Date of Online Education:January 31, 2021

Educational subjects:

  • Introduction of Belentepe Farm, our transformation story

  • Current state of our world

  • Local, hometown, near neighbor, far neighbor and global problems are interconnected.

  • Exponential population growth and exponential consumption of humanity, its effects

  • industrial agriculture

  • climate change

  • Changes in the Turkish nature system

  • Turkey is a border country

  • Gaia – The first scientifically holistic approach to the world

  • Earth System science

  • Gaia's Work and Teachings

  • Resilience – The capacity of a system to absorb change and internal/external stresses while maintaining its own structure and functions.

  • The falsity of the 'command control' operation that humanity is trying to do on nature

  • Understanding changes/transformations of human systems, ecosystems

  • Critical thresholds, positive feedback loops

  • Dangers, opportunities

  • Solution: understand nature and give space.

  • Design

  • Why design? We want to arrive…

  • Scalable: from a small garden, to a farm, to an ecovillage, to protecting the nature system of our country…

  • Permaculture definition, content

  • Components

  • Constants, patterns, guiding us in many unknowns

  • Establishing multiple useful links between components

  • Zone, slice analysis

  • First, priority jobs when establishing our own living space

  • Roadmap to reach abundance and abundance

  • Horticulture

  • What we can do immediately that has direct benefits to us: on the balcony, on the roof, in the chest and wherever there is soil

  • mental, physical health

  • Getting to know nature, producing some of our natural food

  • The knowledge and ability to grow your own natural food can be vital in difficult times

  • Production as a group, cooperation, sharing: unifying social work

  • What we can do individually and together – a growing mouth

  • Our Gardens

  • Our Farms

  • ecocampus projects

  • Our ecological products network

  • Our events

**People who follow and complete the training regularly will receive a training certificate valid in the global permaculture network_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d.

**The real price of the training is 550 TL, and it will be 350 TL for a short time, exclusively for the Permatürk Foundation. The income from the training will be donated to the Permatürk Foundation.

To Donate by Bank Transfer Method;

Vakifbank, Kavacik Branch


Branch code: 0322

IBAN: TR810001500158007312092933

Please contact us at after making a donation through the bank. Your online education entry document valid until January 31, 2021 will be sent to you via e-mail .

Thank you for your care and support.


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