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 St. As a result of our meetings with Joseph High School officials, we completed the agroecological food production garden project by designing permaculture on an area of 600m² that they had determined beforehand.

 As this area is currently on cube stone pavement, we planned all productions to be high plants. In this area, we made different designs with high plant beds and reflected different examples of permaculture design in our design.

 We designed our wooden pergola by making space planning for the need for a space to be used while working and resting in the area.

Introduction to Sustainable Living in Harmony with Nature Training

In this training, which we offer as asynchronous, the obstacles of returning to a sustainable life in harmony with nature, individual and mass solutions are explained. The duration of this training, in which practical information such as Gardening and Permaculture Principles is given, is eight hours. At the end of the training, a face-to-face or online conversation event is organized.


Consultant Teacher for Sustainable Living Club

We can appoint our teachers who have Teaching Formation and Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) to your school as club advisors.

Curriculum for the Sustainable Living Club

The “Sustainable Living Club Curriculum”, which we designed as an extracurricular activity for Middle and High School students, was designed by our foundation and personalized according to your school calendar.


Our Transformation Consultancy for Schools process, which we can customize according to your school's schedule and needs, is as follows:


  1. An introductory meeting is held with your school administration, where our presentation is shared.

  2. Following your school's approval, a face-to-face or online presentation is organized in which all school stakeholders can participate. In this presentation, the importance and necessity of returning to a sustainable life in harmony with nature is shared by our foundation team.

  3. Students, teachers, parents and, if possible, all other school stakeholders receive the 'Introduction to Sustainable Living in Harmony with Nature Training' (DAISY) online.

  4. After DAISY, an online or face-to-face conversation is organized in which all school stakeholders who have received our training can participate and find answers to their questions about education.

  5. Your school establishes the “Sustainable Living Club” for middle school and/or high school students.

  6. Your school appoints teacher(s) for this event to ensure the continuity of the “Sustainable Living Club” in the coming years.

  7. Our foundation provides a teacher to mentor this event for one year.

  8. Our foundation shares the curriculum/s it has prepared for the 'Sustainable Life Club' for pre-school, primary and secondary-high school.