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Ormanları Tanıyalım.jpg

The forest fires that took place in the south of our country in the summer of 2021 and caused almost 20 times more forestland, farms and settlements to ash compared to previous years, had a shocking effect on the society.  These fires were one-off fires that broke out for various reasons. , abnormal events; Or is it a harbinger of more dangerous and difficult times awaiting us in the near future?

To comprehend the importance of forests for all life, the services they offer, their cycles and their functioning; to realize the changes and their effects in the forests of the world and our country; Understanding the effects of climate change on forests and forests on climate change is now vital for humanity.

The primary goal of our Permaturk Foundation is to disseminate knowledge. Raising awareness is the most important first step to return to a sustainable life in harmony with nature. First, we must learn and recognize the main problems so that we can find the right and effective solutions. Then let's focus on solutions and be solutions together.

Due to the interest in our talks, two more important topics (Dealing with Fires and Permaculture Design according to the Fire Threat) have been added to our Let's Know the Forest series. Don't forget to register for free to meet on Tuesdays at 20:00...

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