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Transitioning to Sustainable Life


Image by Arnaldo Aldana

Our Vision and Goals

Image by Megan Thomas

Our Work

Image by Annie Spratt

Be a part of the change

Dictionary for living in harmony with nature

We have provided a short dictionary of terms that will help you understand permaculture and allow us to speak a common language.


Shared growth through shared awareness

We want to create a mutually beneficial web consisting of individuals, communities, organizations and companies that are involved in sustainable work.

How can you help?

Calling all individuals who want to become Responsible World Citizens! We would like you to join us in fighting climate change by drawing down the carbon in the air through projects that would also create a more fertile and resilient environment.

Permatürk Foundation Introductory Film

Our Chairman of the Board, Taner Aksel, explains the motivation behind the creation of the foundation,
and its current goals.

Foundation Announcements



The meeting was held on December 14th. Of the 140 people who attended we gained 30 new volunteers.  We met many people who were excited and motivated to help us. Together we grow stronger and can look into the future with hope. The next meeting will be announced soon. Thank you!

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