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Transitioning to Sustainable Life


Are you also ready for the transition?

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Our Vision and Goals

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Our Work

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Be a part of the change


It is a design system that aims to create sustainable human settlements.

Permaculture is about plants, animals, buildings and infrastructure (water, energy, communication) at one level. Permaculture is also concerned with how we place these elements in the landscape and how we can create interrelationships between them.

The aim is to create systems that meet their own needs, do not exploit or pollute the environment, and are therefore sustainable in the long term, ecologically sound and economically viable.

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Dictionary for living in harmony with nature

We have provided a short dictionary of terms that will help you understand permaculture and allow us to speak a common language.


Shared growth through shared awareness

We want to create a mutually beneficial web consisting of individuals, communities, organizations and companies that are involved in sustainable work.

How can you help?

Calling all individuals who want to become Responsible World Citizens! We would like you to join us in fighting climate change by drawing down the carbon in the air through projects that would also create a more fertile and resilient environment.

Permatürk Foundation Introductory Film

Our Chairman of the Board, Taner Aksel, explains the motivation behind the creation of the foundation,
and its current goals.


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