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Permatürk Foundation aims to contribute to the transformation of gardening to a sustainable life in harmony with nature.multiple benefitsshows and establishes exemplary gardens.

Gardens can be established on the balcony, on the terrace, in almost any area with soil. Some food can be produced even on the balcony. In the Covid epidemic, the importance of mental and physical health became even more evident. Gardening is good for physical and mental health, giving you the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute to the home economy,the value of land and nature

It is a teaching profession.

Permatürk Foundation encourages everyone to garden. Permatürk Foundation establishes community gardens with local governments and/or companies in cities, and enables local people who want to do gardening to come together and produce their own natural foods by helping each other.In community gardens*also 'agroecological production' is explained and

is encouraged.

Thanks to these sample areas, they are encouraged to reach as many people as possible, and their initiatives for such multi-beneficial studies are encouraged, and the garden designs and applications of individuals, schools, companies and institutions are carried out by the foundation when requested after the Permatürk Foundation's online or live applied horticultural trainings.

*Community gardens include gardening initiatives and activities that are established and maintained on a community basis in an open area in the city that is idle, dysfunctional or does not fulfill the function of public space as it should.




Municipalities carry out social services for the well-being of the residents.  We develop multi-benefit projects with these boroughs.  


+ Training of municipality staff: Municipality staff, who receive self-sufficient living space design training, have the infrastructure to realize their eco-campus designs.  


+ Community gardens: We establish gardens to produce natural food by educating and organizing the people in a neighborhood dedicated to Permaturk by the municipality.  


+ Eco parks: We create pilots for sustainable habitats, including soil production, gardening, water retention, clean energy, recycling, natural sites, natural livestock, food forest creation.

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