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Bahçenizi birlikte kuralım Image by Zoe Schaeffer
Let's Build Gardens Together This Spring

Are you ready to set up your garden together with the Permatürk Foundation?

As the Permatürk Foundation, we wanted to design beautiful gardens together with you, and we implemented the  'Let's Build Gardens Together This Spring' project. Are you ready to take the first step towards a sustainable life for yourself, your loved ones and the world we live in? If you are ready, now is the time...


  • You can do it on the balcony, on the terrace, wherever you have access to the soil, in the smallest spaces.

  • You can produce healthy food and medicinal plants.

  • Gardening is health, hard work.

  • Gardening is movement, movement brings abundance.

  • It relaxes you, gives you peace and positive energy.

  • You gain knowledge and skills, you can provide additional income. 

  • You start to know the land and nature.

Build Gardens Together This Spring Project Content:

1.     Phase: 'Introduction to Sustainable Living in Harmony with Nature' Online Course during March (15 hours)

2.     Stage: Permaculture Gardening live online training on April 4-5-6 (6 hours)

3.     Stage: The opportunity to follow our gardening studies and workshops on the Permatürk education portal during April-June

4.     Phase: Design and setup your own garden from April to May

5.     Stage: Application to 'My Beautiful Garden' contest by June 15 

6.     Stage: On June 26 – Announcement of the finalists and winners of the Güzel Bahçem competition via zoom

Registration continues until April 18th...

Doğayla Ahenk İçinde Sürdürülebilir Yaşam

1 stage

Introductory Course to Sustainable Living in Harmony with Nature

Permatürk Foundation,  With the implementation of the Distance Education Portal, which could not be reached due to distances and the pandemic,  students, teachers, farmers _cc781905-5cdecdefbcde58d for a sustainable return to life-3194d-3194- now available to anyone. Starting from high school age, the first of the trainings that each participant can receive on smart devices for 1 month is the 'Introduction to Sustainable Living in Harmony with Nature Training'.

This course explains the main problems that manifest themselves in the last century such as exponential increases, climate change, food crisis, environmental pollution and declining biodiversity. It describes viable individual and societal solutions such as reducing the ecological footprint, circular economy, permaculture, horticulture, agroecological production, storing carbon in plants and soil.

About 15 hours of content can be accessed at any time on smart mobile phones, tablets and computers. For those who complete this courseCertificate of Introduction to Sustainable Living in Harmony with Nature'is given.

Those who have already taken this or another 'Introduction to Permaculture' course can skip this step and continue with the 2nd phase of the project.

Educational content:

​“Introduction to Sustainable Living in Harmony with Nature” training is covered under six main sections, and the sixth section is devoted to the introduction of the Permatürk Foundation. Demo about the content of the trainingfrom hereyou can reach.

1. What is “Sustainable Living in Harmony with Nature” and why is it important?

2. What is the problem, when and how did it occur?

3. Symptoms of the Problem

  • Exponential Increases

  • Climate Change

  • Food Crisis

  • Social Impacts

  • Environmental pollution

  • Declining Biodiversity

4. The Functioning of the Earth System and Nature

  • Global Operations

  • Soil

  • Complex Adaptive Systems


5. Solutions

  • Awareness and Learning

  • Reducing the Ecological Footprint

  • Bagel Economy

  • permaculture

  • Gardening 

  • Carbon Storage


6. Permaturk Foundation

Permakültür Bahçeciliği Online Eğitim

Stage 2

Permaculture Gardening Live Online Training

Between 19:45 - 22:00 on April 4-6-7
with live Zoom meeting

This time, we learn how we can build fertile gardens with the permaculture design roadmap, on top of the basic knowledge given in the introductory training "Sustainable Living in Harmony with Nature" course.

Educational content:

  • Deciding what components to include in the garden: plant beds, access roads, compost bin, chicken house...

  • Gardens for different purposes

  • Data collection on the area where the garden will be established and its surroundings: soil analysis, ecoregion, topography, vegetation...

  • Permaculture design: zone, slice analysis

  • Plant selection

  • Sample garden designs


For those who cannot attend the live training for some reason or want to watch it again, the meeting records will be uploaded to our training portal and will be made available to the trainees.

Permatürk ve Bahçecilik Atölyeler

Stage 3

 Bahçecilik Our Workshops and Workshops

During the months of April-June, we offer the opportunity to follow our Gardening Studies and Workshops on the Permatürk Education Portal.


Starting from March, we will be doing various gardening activities in our ecopark located in Beykoz Kanuni Urban Forest. These studies will be recorded and shared with you through our education portal.

  • Construction and maintenance of deep and high plant beds

  • Low caterpillar greenhouse construction

  • seed germination

  • Minerals that enrich the soil

  • Compost and worm manure making

  • Compost tea, EM aerobic and anaerobic fertilizer production

  • Plant preservatives, making natural pesticides

  • Food forest setup

  • Water harvesting in the field

  • Geodetic greenhouse construction

  • Community garden design and installation

Kendi bahçenizi kurun

Stage 4

 You Are Building Your Own Garden

You design and set up your own garden in April-May!

After receiving the necessary training and at the same time following our gardening activities in our ecopark, you will design and set up your own garden. To support you at this stage:

  • We will organize 'Permablitz' activities with the people living in the same city, region.

  • Permatürk Foundation design team will provide design support to those who want it.

Permablitz:Those who have gardening experience and permaculture designers come together with those who want to design and establish their own gardens in their regions, the area where the garden will be established is visited, and the garden design is planned together. The garden owner then prepares the necessary materials etc. for the installation; At an agreed date, the garden is set up together again. In this way, orchards can be established in turn, with the IMECE method (by cooperation).  

We will also support our experienced designers ​kontrol, who have completed the design of their own garden, but who want consultancy, as much as we can. We will review the designs you send us and share our ideas and suggestions with you.

Güzel Bahçem Yarışması

Stage 5

'My Beautiful Garden' Contest

Apply for the 'My Beautiful Garden' Contest by June 15.

Share the abundance and beauty of your garden, which you started in April, with everyone, 'My Beautiful Garden' join the contest.

  • Share with us a 10-minute video recording of how you designed your garden, the garden components, the relationships between them, and the plants.

  • All recordings will be placed on our youtube channel and shared with you. 

  • Your votes will determine the finalists. Between 17-20 June, you will vote the gardens and the best 10 gardens will be determined with your votes.

Tohum, Fide, Toprak, Su ve Bahçe

Stage 6

 'My Beautiful Garden' Competition Award Ceremony

Announcement of 'My Beautiful Garden' Competition Finalists and Winners on 26 June, Award Ceremony

The final gardens will be examined by our jury, which includes our experienced designers, and the best three gardens will be determined.

The finalists and winners will be announced and the award ceremony will be held on Sunday, June 26, between 11:00 and 12:00 in the morning.

  • Prizes for the last 3 finishers:

    • 1st, 2nd, 3rd place certificate

    • Permatürk Foundation Balkuşu badge

    • A seed basket of ancestral seeds​

    • Permaculture, gardening book set

    • Gift vouchers to 10 people around you for our 'Daisy' introductory course


With this project, we hope that, as individuals and as a community, we will multiply the works that will provide multiple benefits to ourselves, our environment and our nature, and become solution and honeybirds.

Together, we can do much more than we can alone. Join too!

Ödeme Seçenekleri

Services to be provided within the scope of the project:

·       Daisy Introductory course

·       Permaculture Gardening course

·       Access to videos of our applications and workshops from our education portal


You can join the 2022 Let's Build Gardens Together project with 2 simple options:​

For the first 3 service charges above 1200 ₺You can register by paying. 

When you register, you can also add a person participation to a person or person you want.'suspended gardening'gift to the pool*you are doing.

*After your registration is received, you will be able to see the information on how to use your "Gift" by following the guidance on our education portal.

If you are a student, teacher, retiree or have previously taken the DAISY Introduction course or another Introductory Permaculture course; You can start from step 2, the Permaculture Gardening course andBy paying 800₺You can register.


When you register, you can also add a person participation to a person or person you want. 'suspended gardening'You are giving it to the pool.

*After your registration is received, you will be able to see the information on how to use your "Gift" by following the guidance on our education portal.

Please contact us for our optional services:

  • Consultancy service where we offer our suggestions and opinions about your garden design

  • Suggestions for the decision and supply of materials, minerals, etc. that you will need for the installation of your garden

This Spring, we are implementing the “Hanging Gardening” practice in the Let's Build Gardens Together training.For every training you buy, you leave one training on the hanger.We will use the trainings accumulated in this pool to support the employees of public schools and non-governmental organizations.

By taking this training, you support the dissemination of "living in harmony with nature" and contribute to change. You become a "Honey Bird" with your contribution to this education, which is one of our works that will create multiple benefits and improve nature and people together so that a livable world can remain for future generations.

Bal Kuşu, Yardım, destek, vakıf

Suspended Gardening


Let's build gardens together in order to carry the areas we live in to a sustainable future.

Belediye, Park, şehir, bahçeler

To get information about our current training and services and the projects we can create for youClick.


You can create Permaculture Gardens in your school so that future generations can learn to live in harmony with nature.

Okul, çocuk, öğrenciler, sosyal sorumluluk, ağaç, ekim, dikim

To get information about our current training and services and the projects we can create for youClick.


For a sustainable future, we take your employees from offices to nature.

Şirket, kurumsal, çalışanlar, bağlılık, sosyal aktivite

To get information about our current training and services and the projects we can create for you Click.


We are here to increase the impact by joining forces in practices that will ensure sustainability.

Sürdürülebilirlik, projeler, katkı, planlama, şehir, açık alanlar, topluluk bahçeleri

To get information about our current training and services and the projects we can create for youClick.

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