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Project manager

He was born in 1989 in Istanbul. In 2008 St. After graduating from Georg Austrian High School, he continued his education at ITU City and Regional Planning Department. He continued his undergraduate education, which he took a break to gain experience in different business lines such as diving and translation, due to his increasing interest in ecology and climate change. Since 2016, he took part in various environmental-oriented non-governmental organizations and grassroots movements voluntarily.


His dream of living in an eco-village with a community that embraces a sustainable and ecological lifestyle has enabled him to meet permaculture. In 2019, he took an introductory course in Belentepe, and then took PDC trainings and worked as Taner Aksel's assistant. Ecological campus design and plants are of particular interest. He works for the planet and the life on it, with the belief that we can make a positive impact on the world by initiating change in our own lives.

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Landscape architect

He was born in 1992 in Istanbul. He completed his primary and secondary education in Istanbul and his high school education in Yalova. He graduated from Ege University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Landscape Architecture in 2015. He completed his master's degree in Occupational Health and Safety at Istanbul Gedik University Social Sciences Institute in 2017.

During the 2011-2015 university years, he carried out studies and projects on topics such as global warming and precipitation water management, urban ecosystem, rural and urban landscape planning, and landscape design.

Between 2015-2020, he worked as an executive chief in medium and large-scale landscape design projects in the multidisciplinary project office on planning, landscape and architecture.

He met Permatürk Foundation and Taner Aksel while he was on a quest to transfer the awareness of protecting and restoring nature to the society through sustainable systems taught throughout his university life. In 2021, he took the "Introduction to Nature, Design and Permaculture" training from Taner Aksel and found a place for himself in this formation. 

Aziz Ayaz is married and has a daughter.

Communication and Design Specialist

He graduated from Özyeğin University, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in 2020. Between 2018-2020, she worked at Özyeğin University, Le Cordon Bleu, Professional Development Office and later Fuga Furniture. When he discovered that he could combine his passion for plants with his interior design education, he founded the company Par Plants with his partner in July 2020. Brand creation, especially; He worked in product sales, product design, social media management, product photography and video shooting and advertising management.His passion for plants and soil has led him to Permaculture Design. After receiving its certificate in 2021, it first applied what it learned in its own field and then created a large area by affecting its surroundings. As of April 2022, he started to work at the Permatürk Foundation. Realizing that there is no limit to what they can learn from nature; continues to develop itself in the design of natural structures and living spaces compatible with nature.

Financial Affairs and Project Manager

Graduated from Sabancı University, Department of Economics. While he was involved in outdoor sports during his university years, he began to dream of living in harmony with nature. Then, with the theoretical knowledge he gained in the field of economics, his interest in sustainable communities increased day by day. He had the opportunity to participate in daily life in an ecovillage in the Netherlands.
After graduating from university, he volunteered on ecological farms first in Turkey and then in South America. When he lived in Ayvalık, he grew vegetables with local seeds, traveled around with a bicycle and a basket on his back, selling healthy and delicious products. 

He worked on local development strategy as a project manager in LEADER, which is a joint work of the Ministry of Agriculture and the European Union, in the Orhaneli district, located in the mountain region of Bursa, and gained experience in rural life and production.

After his active volunteering period, he worked as Financial and Administrative Affairs Coordinator at Village Schools Exchange Network Association, which works for quality education in rural areas. 

Particularly interested in Behavioral Economics, Production Economics, Local Economies. It dreams of a future where we live with sustainable production and consumption systems that take care of economic, social and ecological balances.

She loves doing yoga and playing the accordion with her friends.

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